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Come to the fifth edition of the San Juan Moda

The fifth edition of the San Juan Moda will be held from 2 to 10 October at the Hotel San Juan Resort & Casino in Isla Verde. Attendees will enjoy the first 40 presentations and Fashion Gala Carlos Bermudez president of San Juan Moda spoke about Fashion Event ” will be creating a second room […]

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Tangerine Dream soft but powerful

This delicious cocktail combines the delicate flavors of tangerine, kiwi and strength of Tanqueray gin. Also with the sublime taste that brings you the Prosseco. Enjoy an output between friends or with your partner and taste of this soft but powerful citrus cocktail, low calorie containing the following ingredients: Tangerine (½ for juice and ½ […]

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History of Champagne Part Two

In 1638 born Pierre Perignon, a vineyard manager who noted that the wine in the Winter tended to drop  the bubbles and therefore he thought of a possible second fermentation would be carried out inside the bottle. Perignon used the technique of Spanish pilgrims with which closed canteens, using cork and also added a string […]

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History of Champagne I

The Champagne is a complex and pleasant wine has a bright color and a great bouquet. It is of French origin, the region which has its name (Champagne ) . Site that by its soil, vineyards and its geographical  location favor the development of the frothy drink. Its origins date back to the time of […]


M.M Crudo Bar

M.M Crudo Bar, is an eclectic, sumptuous raw bar featuring seafood delicacies, as well as an affordable bar menu ideal for a light bite or dinner. You should try it sometime with your family and friends, or maybe in an eventat Meat Market Miami-PR. Everything you need to host a fabulous private event, including setting […]