07 May, 2015

A meeting on Meat Market Miami-PR: Carla’s Rosaries and Chanel

07 May, 2015

Meat Market is always one step ahead.

We offer the service for private meetings, which allows to our customers to enjoy every moment of their business.

Carla Haeussler-Badillo was the center of attention in a private bazaar this time. She offered wonderful designs of accessories, including uniques rosaries. All of them on the following link: Carla’s Rosaries.

In addition, Chanel was there too. This brand of beauty and elegance gave a sample of their quality and efficiency with their makeup. It also showed their best products.

A high standard for a quality restaurant as it is Meat Market.


The event was a success. All our customers can enjoy our facilities. Please contact us for more info: info@meatmarketmiamipr.com | 787-253-2007


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