14 May, 2015

Carla Haeussler-Badillo: devout of the Divine Mercy

14 May, 2015

In Meat Market Miami-PR there was an upscale private event. There was a nice woman who has a great history. Se is Carla Haeussler-Badillo. She was the center of attention in a private bazaar this time. She offered wonderful designs of accessories, including uniques rosaries.

About her:

My testimony: I was totally against the Catholic Church for as long as I can remember. Then…during May of 2010 I was required to attend a religious retreat because my youngest son was preparing to receive his “First Communion”. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and I was furious to be at church instead of enjoying a day at the beach… At the same time I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was anxious and crying a lot. When the service was about to finish a married couple stood up and began sharing their story with us. I was overwhelmed and began to cry; I tried to hide the tears to no avail; even my jaw was trembling. Finally I was able to talk to one of the supportive catechism ladies. She took me to a private room and then another wonderful lady gave me a blessed rosary from Medugorje and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Both began praying for me. That afternoon somehow changed me and I began praying the Divine Mercy Novena and almost immediately felt overwhelming peace and serenity in my heart and soul that I had never experienced before. My life has changed dramatically! Now I am devout of the Divine Mercy. I wanted to carry a rosary with me but not a traditional one, I wanted something created with all of my heart, a special rosary that I could wear or carry with me at all times… so I envisioned and created one with red Jades, Turquoise and Crystal beads. And I wore it! Everywhere I went people noticed and stopped to ask me about my unique rosary. I realized that there was a need or wanting for them… so I decided to design and make them to share my testimony, my encounter with The Virgin and my devotion to the Divine Mercy. Many of my first creations were given away to special people in my life.  Life has enriched my spirituality in ways I never imagined. I consider myself to be open minded; read about different religions, philosophies, mystical ways etc, and came to the conclusion that what really matters is the intention with which you practice the religion of your choice. We have being led to believe that one religion is better than another or that “ours” is the only one. This has brought more separation and discord among human beings. I invite you to try the Rosary, even if you are not Catholic, with an open mind, take a chance, as long as your intention of giving/receiving guides you through. I wish this Rosary brings joy, peace, serenity, unconditional love, mercy and blessings for you as it has for me. Please have your Rosary blessed!



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