08 Oct, 2015

Come to the fifth edition of the San Juan Moda

08 Oct, 2015

The fifth edition of the San Juan Moda will be held from 2 to 10 October at the Hotel San Juan Resort & Casino in Isla Verde. Attendees will enjoy the first 40 presentations and Fashion Gala

Carlos Bermudez president of San Juan Moda spoke about Fashion Event ” will be creating a second room with footbridge where there will be 27 performances. The opening of it will be with the celebration of the Great Gala of Fashion. In this formal event the best of the fourth edition will reward and highlight ‘ The 5 most fabulous’.

Undoubtedly, the fifth edition of San Juan Moda,  will be a showcase where shine not only stunning collections of Puerto Rican designers but the talent , discipline, creativity and avant-garde.

A gala will bring together designers like Michelle Correa,  Stella Nolasco, Kelvin Giovanni, Miriam Budet, Jaer Cabán, Marcos Carrazana, Edzel Giovanni, Sonia Santiago, Lisa Capalli, José Raúl, Rubén Darío, Lisa Thon y Eddie Guerrero.

Do not forget to visit and accompanied the fashion week with wine and champagne cocktails  in the Meat Market San Juan.


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