10 Oct, 2015

Meat Market San Juan where you can eat and drink everything with the best quality

10 Oct, 2015

In the Meat Market San Juan do not think like a common Steakhouse, our primary focus is to serve the meat of better quality, more accurately classified with Certified Angus ( CAB ) , yet as we know the diversity of the clientele, you can also taste fish , shellfish and vegetables.

And to make the experience even more extraordinary, the Meat Market skips some conventionality when choosing drinks to accompany such delicious dishes. You can never miss the wine, but this does not mean that you can not bet on changing the rules of the game with a very attractive female audience for creative cocktails.

Come to the Meat Market and choose from all the options we provide, enjoy cocktails prepared with fresh fruit , the most delicious liquor and the dish you like.


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