12 Oct, 2015

Buffalo Tenderloin, delicious meat and low in calories

12 Oct, 2015

Buffalo meat also known as bison, is a low meat in calories, similar to the chicken, but with a slightly sweet taste. It is rich in minerals and protein, its texture is tender and juicy allowing a range of possibilities for cooking, steamed, fried, or broiled.

Experts recommend avoiding high firing temperature because to be low in fat can easily dry and harden.

Buffalo meat has 30 percent less cholesterol, 55 percent less calories, nearly 100 percent less intramuscular fat and more protein and minerals bovine meat. With this type of meat you can make delicious dishes such as roast, soups, burgers, but its use is characteristic Buffalo tenderloin.

Come to the Meat Market San Juan, eat delicious Buffalo tenderloin and accompany with the best cocktails and wines.


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