14 Oct, 2015

4 tips for cooking lobster risotto

14 Oct, 2015

Meat Market in San Juan you can find the best lobster risotto in town, but if you want to venture into the kitchen, for whatever reason here a list of essential tips to prepare the risotto:

To prevent uneven cooking, the broth is used to cook the rice should be very hot.

The movement of the spoon is essential for it to cook evenly , without excess .

Stir the rice is essential for the released starch and gives a creamy feature.

Vegetables or protein chosen to match the previously cooked risotto should be. If you are asparagus, cooked ‘ al dente ‘ and if lobster , as well . To prevent the risotto finished with ingredients overcooked.

With these helpful tips you can get find your Rissoto point and if you do not succeed or just want to enjoy a special night, remember to visit the Meat Market San Juan.


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