30 Oct, 2015

Whence originated the Buffalo Mozzarella ?

30 Oct, 2015

In the provinces of Caserta and in southern Lazio each animal with burning eyes, inverted antlers and an imposing appearance they appear everywhere. This is a buffalo wild creatures that although it is not known how they came to this corner of Europe, providing the most delicious Buffalo Mozzarella .

The story goes that the Carthaginians of Hannibal led the Buffaloes to southern Italy , another theory claims it was the Lombards , in the period of the Germanic invasions . To make things even more complicated recently found fossils of the Roman countryside demonstrating genetic diversity between Italian and Indian buffalo.

Even though the origin of the buffaloes is not known, what is known is that Italy is the main producer of this delicacy . If you want to know for yourself the unique flavor are the Meat Market and discover this dish with peculiar history.


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