19 Feb, 2016

Tips: How to store wine

19 Feb, 2016

If you are one of those who love the taste of a good wine and typically accompany your meal with this drink, it is best to know how to keep it, especially if you like to preserve it for special occasions at home. Therefore Meat Market San Juan bring you some tips so you can discuss your wines in optimal conditions in your home.

Have a small winery

The first thing to do to preserve your wine is to have a small winery. In this space you can keep your collection of different types of wine; always keep them lying down so that the liquid does not contact the cork and air leaks are avoided.

Always take care about the temperature

Your wine should not be in a very cold or very hot environment. The ideal for this type of beverage temperature between 12 ° C to 16 ° C. So keep your wine away from the kitchen, from which receive direct sunlight or areas of extreme temperatures can shorten the life of this drink and place them where they will get a good draft.

When you take care about the wine’s temperature then must be away from areas with a lot of movement or vibration and keep the bottles lying in a cellar; you will surely lengthen the life of your wines at home and preserve them for those special moments.


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