04 Mar, 2016

How to eat red meats in a healthy way

04 Mar, 2016

Red meats are the most delicious meal in any menu, especially if you visit us at Meat Market San Juan; however, it is necessary to know how amount to eat this ingredient in the healthiest way. Around this aspect is fundamental consumption of 70 grams of meat and other aspects that we shall mention below.

Avoid fats in meat

The meat alone has enough fat, so the healthiest option is to request your red meat grilled or baked, which are healthier alternatives and less fat.

Add vegetables and herbs

Combine your red meats with vegetables, spices and fresh herbs, which will provide more vitamins and minerals to your dish and transform it into a healthier alternative for the body.

Evade burned flesh

Another aspect you should look for is a fully cooked meat, but not burned, since the dark layer that forms on the outside of the meat could have harmful substances to the body.

You already know how to eat in a healthy way red meats? Then visit us in Meat Market San Juan and try the most delicious dishes with this ingredient.



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