08 Mar, 2016

Taste the best meats in Meat Market San Juan

08 Mar, 2016

For the moment to look for quality food and the best meats in the city, undoubtedly you must visit us in Meat Market San Juan. In our luxurious restaurant you will be able to enjoy the best and most flavorful steak cut, like our 16-ounce Buffalo wood-grilled Rib Eye, an alternative that it takes pleasure to the most demanding palates.

The delicious cut of this 16-ounce Buffalo wood-grilled Rib Eye comes accompanied on M.M Chipotle seasoning, roasted Mushrooms and crispy Brussels Sprout, a combination of flavors and ingredients ideally and prepared by our excellent executive chef, Sean Brasel.

On having visit at our restaurant Meat Market San Juan you will be able to enjoy quality food, in the best environment of the city and the attention that you deserve of our personnel. Undoubtedly, our restaurant is perfect when it is a question of meats, which you can accompany with delicious cocktails.

So if you want to try our delicious menu, you must have to visit us in Meat Market San Juan. You can realize your reservation calling +1 787 253-2007 or write to us to our mail info@meatmarketmiamipr.com.


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