10 Mar, 2016

Try our delicious Lobster and Crab Cake

10 Mar, 2016

On March 9 there is celebrated the National Crab Meat Day, an ideal motive for visiting itself in Meat Market San Juan and for trying the most delicious plates based on crab, as the exquisite Lobster and Crab Cake, a special, elegant and incomparable saucer for its excellent flavor.

The delicious saucer of Lobster and Crab Cake comes accompanied by exotic flavors and ingredients as cured pineapple, radicchio and rémoulade willow prepared by our professional chef executive, Sean Brasel.

In Market San Juan you can celebrate the national days of any type of food, as well as your social events. For it, if you have planned to organize a party or a meeting and want to have the best service, environment and food, your better alternative it is to visit itself in The San Juan Hotel and Casino.

You can make your reservation calling +1 787 253-2007 or write to us to our mail info@meatmarketmiamipr.com and then you can have an unforgettable experience in Meat Market Through San Juan.


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