20 Mar, 2016

Fresh Seafood: a unique experience in your palate

20 Mar, 2016

In Meat Market San Juan we are not only specialists in creating delicious saucers based on red meats, we also offer Fresh Seafood to our clients the pleasure of experiencing our. With ingredients of high quality and the major culinary skill of our executive chef, Sean Brasel, in our restaurant you will be able to live an excellent experience and to taste the best of the marine food.

One of our better saucers is the Local Grill Mahi Mahi, accompanied on an exquisite carrot parsnip puree, sutèe asparagus and delicious candied tomato. Undoubtedly an exotic and ideal combination for a romantic party in which you want to surprise your accompanist.

So if you want to try a Fresh Seafood and it’s excellent saucer, do not hesitate to visit us at Meat Market San Juan, where you will be able to taste an excellent food in the most luxurious environment of the city. You can do your reservation calling +1 787 253-2007 or write to us to our mail info@meatmarketmiamipr.com and plan an unforgettable party.


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