03 Apr, 2016

Important tips for coctels

03 Apr, 2016

When you visit Meat Market San Juan, surely you will have desires to taste some of our delicious coctels, close to a saucer of meat of the best quality, and that’s why it is important you know how to choose the best drinks according to the occasion and what debits bear in mind to realize your request.

For this motive, we will bring important tips that you can bear in mind to the moment to ask for enterteining coctels.

1. Have in mind what you want on having come to the bar: This applies specially for very crowded bars. If you want to converse with the bartender and verify what takes every coctel, better wait a moment of fewer activity.

2. Choose something adapted for the occasion: Strained pineapple is delicious, but before a dinner, it will ruin your appetite; a glass of red wine is a pleasure, but it is not the indicated in the beach. Consider the temperature and the moment of the day.

3. Occasionally, leave you to surprise: Dare to ask the bartender to prepare his favorite coctel of the menu for you, or ” slightly different “. He will be charmed with the opportunity to show his creativity.

Now that you know how to ask for coctels, do not hesitate to visit us in Meat Market San Juan.


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