14 Apr, 2016

The ideal hour for every coctel

14 Apr, 2016

Any great evening has some important elements: a luxurious space, an incomparable attention, delicious and sophisticated food, as well as a few enterteining coctels. Nevertheless, not all the coctels are adapted for all the occasions, some of them are more propitious in the certain hours in specific.

In Meat Market San Juan with our executive cheff Sean Brasel will delights you with the saucers of our excellent delicious drinks. This time, we will say to you which are the ideal coctels depending on the hour go come to our restaurant:

* For the half morning, between 11 a.m. am and 12 pm, the suitable coctels are of fruits, as the Piña Strained or the Fruit Punch.

* In the appetizer, of 12 pm to 2 pm, the Martini, the Grappa Sour or the Manhattan will go perfect accompanied by a few green olives.

* The digestive coctels are ideal after the lunch, among the 1 pm and the 3 pm, as the Alexander or the Rusty Nail, as a good wine.

* To finish the day, between 6 a.m. pm and the 10 pm, the Bull Beer, White Spider or the Black Hawk can be drunk very well, that is to say, stronger.

* For special occasions, moments of show, the champagne is perfect for a good toast and any celebration.

Now you already know which coctels take according to the hour of the day. Visit us in Meat Market San Juan to enjoy the best coctels and saucers of the city.


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