26 Apr, 2016

How to eat lobsters and crabs appropriatly

26 Apr, 2016

When we talk about a delicious food, the marine one is the most prefered by the all the people. That’s why in Meat Market San Juan we offer you the best recipes based on meats of lobster and crab. Nevertheless, to eat these saucers can a little complicated, specially for the form in the one that the crustaceans are in the habit of serving. That’s why we will explain to you how you can eat these meats in an appropriate way.


They are in the habit of the crustaceans like the lobsters serving in own shell divided to the half, to support great part of it’s flavor and texture. For it, the advisable thing is them to support with the left hand (the right in case of the left-handed ones) and with another hand the meat to extract with the help of a special holder for shown restraint sea-coasts.

In case you want to eat the meat of the pliers and legs, the usual thing is to divide they gelded with the help of a few tweezers for seafood and then to eat up the meat as it(he,she) explained previously.


In case you eat a saucer based on crab, you can extract the meat with a holder of fish, if they served it opened. In case you should open the shell, it is necessary to to separate with the hands. As for the meat of the pliers, one proceeds in the same way as with the lobster.

Do you already know how to eat meat of lobster and crab appropriatly? Then us visit in Meat Market San Juan and enjoy the best marine saucers based on these exquisite meats.


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