28 Apr, 2016

Meat Market San Juan special: Blackened Snapper with roasted Zucchini

28 Apr, 2016

In Meat Market San Juan we offer you the most delicious and exquisite saucers of red and marine meats. That’s why this time we will invite you to delight your paladar with an impeccable recipe of fish, of the hand of our professional Executive Chef, Sean Brasel: the Blackened Snapper with roasted Zucchini.

This exquisite saucer based on Blackened Snapper and roasted Zucchini, also is accompanied with yellow baby Squash, mashed potatoes Jar, Mache salad and Chipotle sweeps blanch. This combination of flavors undoubtedly you will take pleasure to you and to your guests, besides whom they will be able to enjoy them in the most luxurious environment.

If you want to visit us and to live through an incredible experience, tasting Blackened Snapper’s delicious saucer with roasted Zucchini, make your reservation calling +1 787 253-2007. In Meat Market San Juan we offer you only the best thing in the city. Do not hesitate to visit our restaurant.


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