05 May, 2016

Celebrate Mother’s Day with us

Mother's Day
05 May, 2016

This May 8th, visit us in Meat Market San Juan to celebrate a super special day: The Mother’s Day. In our restaurant you can enjoy the atmosphere of love for her, and of course you and your mom can try the lovely meals we will make. This great evening cannot end without a wine and a special plate, like a Grilled Wahoo, Chorizo Parmesan Risotto & Mache salad. For sure, she will enjoy it.

Another reason to come here on Mother’s Day, is because women love the luxurious environment, and here we have a lot of that. Nonetheless, if she is a cocktail lover, she can enjoy another type of amohpere at Meat Market San Juan, with the best flavor in all of our cocktails.


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