06 May, 2016

Join us for dinner and taste the Grilled Wahoo

Grilled Wahoo
06 May, 2016

The best and the most exquisite flavors are in Meat Market San Juan, that’s why if you are planning a perfect evening full of culinary delights, we invite you to stop in our luxurious restaurant. With the excellence of our Executive Chef Sean Brasel, you will surprise your mouth with the Grilled Wahoo and for sure this will impress your accompanists.

The delicious recipe of the Grilled Wahoo comes accompanied on Sausage Parmesan Risotto and Mache salad, undoubtedly an exquisite and incomparable, ideal combination to celebrate special occasions as the Mother’s Day or to invite a person to a date and have a romantic dinner.

Join us for dinner, won’t you? And try our Grilled Wahoo’s saucer, Sausage Parmesan Risotto and Mache salad. You only have to make a reservation calling +1 787 253-2007. In Meat Market San Juan we offer you only the best thing in the city.


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