15 May, 2016

Why do women like wine?

15 May, 2016

In Meat Market San juan, we offer the best meals, but we also offer to our clients our best wines. This, can be just a special drink for our meals, but for women it’s something more.

Wine became a staple of “girls nights” and conversation-heavy dinners during college, and office happy hours once a woman starts to work. Maybe it’s more like a hobby for some teen spirits women in our world.

Wine means different things to different women. It may make them feel beautiful, or be what helps them calm down or open up to connect with their peers. Often women’s emotional connection to wine is benign and positive, but as with any substance, there is a darker side to the daily rite. You should always remember to drink any type of alcohol with care.

A glass of wine with frinds can be a good therapy at any day of the week. You can visit us and try it by yourself, even if you are a man or a woman. At Meat Market San Juan you are always welcome.


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