08 Jun, 2016

Visit us and enjoy an excellent crème brûlée

08 Jun, 2016

The delicious crème brûlée is one of the most elegant and exquisite desserts, with an intense flavor of vanilla and creaking texture. This sweet saucer has a cream which surface is dusted by sugar to be hot and to obtain a thin creaking cap of candy. It is prepared and serves in individual and small containers.

We invite you to visit Meat Market San Juan, to taste the best crème brûlée of the city and to live through an unforgettable evening. This delicious gastronomic experience is described by Susan S. this way: “Breaking into the top of crème brûlée really is splendid from the sound of the cracking to the textural contrast between the rigid sugar shell and the luscious custard underneath”.

If you want to live through an incredible experience, tasting the delicious crème brûlée dessert , make your reservation calling +1 787 253-2007. In Meat Market San Juan we offer you only the best meals in the city.


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