24 Feb, 2017

What’s new: more cuts of meat

What's new: more cuts of meat
24 Feb, 2017

One thing the tourists love of Puerto Rico is the heat of the island.

But now, they can love something more: the “Top Loin 8 Ounces Churrasco”. This is a certified angus cut, paired with garlic confit and pieces of onion cooked on the grill. Additionally, combines very well with the “MM Gourmet Meat Sampler”, the ideal dish to start a dinner wich offers an assortment of different meats, such as “Bone Marrow” and “Short Rib”, served in a reduction of blueberries.

The parade of new sensations for the palate continues with the “Umami Duck Half” which, as its name implies, is a half-duck sprinkled with coffee, then served on a donut stuffed with jam Ginger.

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