28 Feb, 2016

Make your private events in Meat Market San Juan

28 Feb, 2016

If you are thinking of planning a private event to celebrate with friends and loved ones, it is time for us to visit in Meat Market San Juan. In our restaurant we offer quality food, an elegant space and attention they deserve our staff.

Whether you want to organize an event or a private dinner in Meat Market San Juan we offer the following services:

Private dining & events

If you want to organize an event for a select group of people or if you need a big reception in our restaurant you can look away from some tables throughout. In addition you can count on our team for a memorable event for your guests time.

Private dining rooms

Need more privacy for your event? Meat Market San Juan have rooms from 14 to 36 people for a private celebration. We also offer packages tailored to your event and add audiovisual menus.

You can make your reservation by calling +1 787 253-2007 or write to our mail info@meatmarketmiamipr.com.


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